MacMurray Faculty & Staff To Receive No Severance

By Benjamin Cox on April 5, 2020 at 6:32pm

MacMurray College faculty, administrators, and staff will receive no severance package when the school closes its doors at the end of May. The Jacksonville Journal Courier reports that the faculty handbook does not require advance notice or severance payments if the college is to close. Legal advice has been sought on the matter by the College and the Board of Trustees. Counsel has said that the the handbook’s promised severance only applies if the college were to remain open and faculty appointments remain. The college will close permanently at the end of the Spring semester in May.

Faculty and staff will also have their health insurance cut at the end of May. The Journal Courier reports that current faculty and staff are planning on teleconferencing to decide their next course of action. Faculty, administration, and staff will reportedly receive their final checks on May 29th, which will include the remaining pay for the school year. The only people whose job will not end will be a crew who will assist with the final closure of the buildings.