MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association Scholarship Deadline March 15

By Benjamin Cox on March 1, 2022 at 9:36am

Prospective and current college students with a connection to MacMurray College have a few weeks left to submit applications towards the college’s scholarships.

MacMurray Foundation and Alumni Association Chair David Ekin says that applicants can come from a direct connection to the college or may be majoring in a program that MacMurray was known for: “Our focus there is of course a connection with the college…might be a grandparent, might be someone who is a son or a daughter of a staff member, an employee, or a faculty member. It’s very broad in that regard. Then, also looking at those who may not have a connection but want to go into a program that is an area of emphasis that the college was known for – nursing, social work, music, deaf education, special education. So those are the things that we are looking to support students to continue that legacy of what MacMurray was. And as I’ve said to many people, the college is no more but it doesn’t mean that the impact that the college has also goes away.”

The MacMurray Foundation and Alumni Association has 11 scholarships they currently offer, including one through the Jacksonville Promise.

Ekin says to get applications in now ahead of the March 15th deadline. All awards are for one year only, but previous awardees may apply for additional years. More information can be found at