MacMurray Nursing program rated #1 in the state based on recent NCLEX-RN pass rates in Illinois

By Benjamin Cox on April 18, 2019 at 1:44pm

A local collegiate nursing program has been ranked number 1 on a registered nursing website.

MacMurray College has been named the #1 RN nursing school program out of the 78 accredited nursing schools in Illinois in the 3rd Annual State RN Program Rankings on

There were two points of measurement used by the website to evaluate all the nursing schools in the state. Pass percentage for the NCLEX registered nursing exam was analyzed, going back to the most recent years of data available up to 5 years. Then, the pass rates from each school were averaged together and weighted by the recency of the exam. Apparently, a 2018 score counted more towards the overall rankings than any scores from 2014.

The top 5 schools according to the website ranking, were MacMurray, Liberty Christian College, Southeastern Illinois College, Rush University, and Bradley University. All 5 of these schools received a rating above 96.5, on a scale of 0 to 100% of students passing the exam.

The site detailed the top 30 schools in the final rating. Lowest in the top 30 was 91 flat.

The other 48 schools are listed by name, website, programs offered, and location.

MacMurray College was rated 1st with a final tally at 98.86 out of 100.

Lincoln Land Community College Nursing in Springfield was rated 14th at 93.64.

Other notable rankings include Loyola University of Chicago at 17th with a tally of 93.1, Western Illinois University in 21st at 92.9, and St. John’s College of Nursing in 28th at 91.27.

St. John’s College of Nursing recently established a partnership with Illinois College to have incoming freshman take two years of classes in Jacksonville and end in Springfield.

Illinois College also has a program for registered nurses with an associate’s degree or nursing diploma who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. IC was not rated on the list.