MacMurray’s Lessons & Carols Returns Virtually After 3 Year Absence

By Benjamin Cox on December 15, 2022 at 5:54pm

MacMurray College 2008 alumna Erin Geering is bringing back one of the college’s Advent traditions this holiday season.

Geering, in just a few short weeks, has organized a virtual version of MacMurray’s “Lessons and Carols.” It will be the first time that the program has been performed since 2019. Geering says it was an idea that she came up while she was healing up from a broken leg and ankle at home in Colorado: “It all started when I broke my leg and ankle this Fall. I suddenly had a lot of free time. As we were getting closer to the holidays, I wanted to engage some volunteer work with the MacMurray Foundation. That just got me thinking about what Advent was like on campus. For me, I loved what was called ‘Lessons & Carols’ at the time that I was there. It happened at Annie Merner Chapel and it was a candlelight service involving folk music, carols, and scripture. I missed it. I know that the MacMurray closure has been really difficult for a lot of people in different ways. I was hoping that as we get closer to the holidays that we could gather, if not in person, but virtually to try to celebrate something that for me was a really beautiful tradition and I think it was important to other people, as well.”

The virtual event, which is free and open to the public, will be held this Friday at 5PM via Zoom. Those wishing to attend can register by visiting this link. Geering says she’ll take it from there to get you into the program: “I’m pleased with what we’ve been able to pull together on such short notice. I’m still getting communication from people who want to be involved. There is a link for you to register to attend. I will send a Zoom link to anyone who registers. There is a short form to fill out. You can click on ‘MacMurray affiliation’ if it exists, but I also know this is important to the community so there is no need to be part of anything associated with MacMurray College if you want to attend. The event will be live this Friday, December 16th at 5PM Central Time.”

The lineup will include dulcimer music by Mike Anderson, a poetry reading by retired MacMurray professor Dr. Robert Seufert, a message from Dr. Claire Jerry who now resides in the Washington D.C. area and works for the Smithsonian Institute, Dr. Beth Fender, and ascripture reading by fellow MacMurray alumna Tiffany Pitman-White. Geering says there may be some last minute additions and surprises as a part of the program.