Mann Announces Upcoming Retirement

By Benjamin Cox on August 7, 2020 at 11:20am

The Village of South Jacksonville will be looking to replace a long-time public servant in the next few months. South Jacksonville Police Chief Tim Mann formally has submitted his resignation to the village after 18 years in the department, spending the last 3 and half years as the village’s chief.

Mann has spent the last 25 years in law enforcement. Mann served as a police sergeant in New Berlin and Chief of Police in Ashland before coming to the South Jacksonville Department in 2004 as a lieutenant. Mann became interim chief when then-Police Chief Josh Hallock resigned in May 2017. Mann’s interim tag was dropped in September 2017 after the Village Board voted to hire him as the permanent chief.

Mayor Harry Jennings says that Mann will be staying on at the department until a suitable replacement is named and is properly introduced: “We haven’t set a hard date yet [for Mann’s last day.] The chief has decided that he is going to stay around until we find a suitable candidate. We have had a few applications come in during July. This month will be doing some interviews. [Chief Mann] is giving us some time, and he’s kind of actually helping us out with the selection process, as well.”

Mann said during the meeting that he wants to make sure that he leaves the village in a good place before stepping down.

Mann has been responsible for helping the village implement a squad car rotation with a State of Illinois program, so new vehicles can be purchased for the police department at a lower cost while vehicles stay up to date and the village can avoid having to pay costly vehicle maintenance due to wear and tear. Mann was also instrumental in implementing neighborhood policing procedures and getting more up-to-date equipment for officers at the department, including body cameras and patrol car video systems.