Martin Case Delayed in Montgomery, Morgan County Pending Further Charges

By Benjamin Cox on June 2, 2020 at 10:58am

A Gillespie woman wanted on warrants in Morgan, Sangamon, and Montgomery counties case continues to be delayed. 23 year old Abigail L. Martin was arrested on May 1st for impersonating a nurse at the Hillsboro Rehabilitation and Health Center. Martin’s grandmother posted bond for her and retained counsel Sean E. Rees of Carlinville on May 4th.

According to Heartland News Feed, Montgomery State’s Attorney Bryant Hitchings made filings for a motion for discovery, as well as proof of service, on May 5th. On May 13th, Rees filed a motion to withdraw from the case.

Martin has had similar motions to withdraw in a case of forgery and identity theft in Sangamon County as well as an active forgery case in Morgan County. Martin’s case in Morgan County was last heard on May 6th in which Morgan County Public Defender Tom Piper was assigned to the case. Martin allegedly forged documents to purchase a vehicle at a Jacksonville dealership in April 2019. Martin’s next appearance in Morgan County Court is scheduled for August 5th. Martin’s next appearance in Montgomery County court is scheduled for July 9th. Martin is due in Sangamon County Court on June 18th but mail service to Martin’s address to the court was determined undeliverable.

Martin is also allegedly wanted out on out-of-state warrants in North Carolina and South Carolina for procurement of goods under false pretenses. Martin also may have further charges pending in her Montgomery County case.