Martin Hit With First Prison Sentence In String of Felony Cases Across Central Illinois

By Benjamin Cox on March 25, 2022 at 10:09am

The first domino has fallen in multiple cases against a West Central Illinois woman who has multiple charges across the region.

25 year old Abigail L. Martin-Angulo pled guilty in Greene County Court on Friday to deceptive practice at a Greenfield auto dealer back in September 2020. Martin was arrested on Oct. 2, 2020 by Greenfield Police on the charges.

Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe outlines the open plea: “Basically, we had alleged that she had written check to Morrow Brothers Ford in Greenfield, and at the time she issued the check to them that she knew that there wasn’t sufficient funds in the bank to be able to cash that. We were set for trial to begin on Tuesday, but last Friday afternoon she ended up pleading guilty to that charge and was sentenced to 3 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Morrow Brothers was able to get the vehicle relatively quickly, within the next day or two of the incident, so we weren’t seeking any restitution for that. She was assessed court costs in this felony case, which should be around $600-$700.”

Briscoe says that his office is having to do some extra paperwork on the case, coordinating with several other counties where Martin may have been arrested: “Typically, whenever somebody is sentenced to the Department of Corrections, we issue a mittimus and stand her, basically, and notify the Department of Corrections that she’s been sentenced and is ready to make arrangements to drop her off there to serve it. The issue in this case is because she does have pending cases in several counties in Illinois and I think in other jurisdictions as well. Technically, if she was being held in a different county but our warrant was outstanding, she’s entitled to that credit against our 3-year sentence. We are working with other counties right now just to verify when or when she was not in custody and whether or not she would have been held on a Greene County warrant during that time.”

Martin has pending cases remaining in Madison, Montgomery, Morgan, and Fulton Counties. She recently pled guilty to a similar deceptive practice charge for passing bad checks in Galesburg last month and was sentenced to probation and restitution.

Martin is next due in Morgan County Court on April 26th for a status hearing on a forgery charge.

She remains held at the Greene County Jail.