Masks Still Holding Up Business in the IL House, Davidsmeyer Says Democrats Now Acting Contrary to the Science

By Benjamin Cox on March 3, 2022 at 10:49am

A local representative is upset that legislators are still being required to mask up at the State Capitol for session.

During session on Tuesday afternoon, Republican members were removed from the House floor once again for refusing to wear a mask. State Reps. Adam Niemerg, Blaine Wilhour and Dan Caulkins were once again removed by a floor vote.

100th District Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer says the House Floor rules are outdated and are now operating contrary to CDC guidance: “This is absolutely ridiculous. We need to work to change these rules. These rules are outdated, and the only reason you guys continue to do this is because you want to have power over the minority party or power over your members.”

Davidsmeyer accused House Speaker Emmanuel “Chris” Welch and Democratic leadership in the chamber of attempting to muzzle Republicans while not following the rules themselves: “This is absolutely ridiculous! I saw at least two or three members of your side of the aisle walking around with their masks on around their chin. This is getting absolutely ridiculous, and it’s taking away from the job we were sent here to do. It’s not because we are doing this. It’s because you’re doing this. You are trying to muzzle people with these things. It is not protecting anyone. It is not doing the job that it’s supposed to do, and the CDC and your governor have said masks optional.”

Niemerg, Wilhour, and Caulkins issued a joint press release later in the day on Tuesday calling masks a “symbol of subjugation” and accused Welch of being an authoritarian, drawing veiled comparisons to Welch’s predecessor Michael Madigan.