Maul/Gill Financial Exploitation Case Continues After Motion To Dismiss Denied

By Benjamin Cox on February 28, 2020 at 11:22am

A second motion to dismiss has been denied in the case of unlawful financial exploitation of an elderly person against 64 year old Joyce Gill and her daughter 39 year old Jewel Maul today. Affidavits were filed by Special Prosecutors Matt Goetten and Ed Parkinson as well as Robert Gill’s former attorney W. Scott Hanken in regards to a plea deal that Gill gave in the murder case of Andrew Maul. The motion by Defense Attorneys Tom Piper and Carrie Magerl on behalf of the two women said the two women were immune from prosecution based on Gill’s murder plea negotiated between Hanken and Parkinson during the murder trial. You can read the full history of the case here.

Circuit Judge John Madonia denied the motion based off of reading the affidavits that were filed on February 4th in Morgan County. Madonia ruled the plea deal was not binding to Gill and Maul’s financial exploitation case.

The two women are accused of pilfering $40,000 from the bank account of then, 88 year old Norma Notson, who was in their care. Notson is Robert Gill’s aunt.

A new pre-trial conference has been set for July 8th at 9AM in Morgan County. A jury trial is scheduled to begin in the case on July 14th. The first oral motion in the case was denied back in September. The two women face up to 4-15 years in prison plus restitution and up to a $25,000 fine if they are convicted. The special prosecutors office also has the ability to seize the assets of the accused to secure restitution. Read the statute governing financial exploitation here.