Mayor and City Honor First Responders That Saved Jacksonville Man’s Life

By Jeremy Coumbes on November 22, 2019 at 6:45pm

Mayor Andy Ezard gave special recognition today to first responders who saved the life of a Jacksonville man in September.

Joseph Keen of Jacksonville went into cardiac arrest at his home on September 20th of this year, after returning home from working on a Habitat for Humanity project followed by a round of golf.

Keen who had gone home not feeling quite right was resting in his chair and according to his wife, was making an odd noise. Keen’s wife quickly realized something was wrong and dialed 911.

Morgan County Emergency Management Director Phil McCarty said that Mrs. Keen’s quick actions helped save Joe’s life.

Mrs. Keen, in speaking with the E.M.S. dispatcher, who provided E.M.D, instructions, C.P.R. Started for Mr. Keen. Within 50 seconds of the 911 call being placed, the responders behind me responded to Mr. Keens residence.

In less than five minutes, two police officers were on scene to support ht by-stander C.P.R., and within seven minutes, Life Star ambulance and Jacksonville Fire arrived on scene to start the A.C.L.S., advanced life support protocols.”

Jacksonville Fire Rescue and Life Star Ambulance personnel used a defibrillator multiple times, and continued CPR while transferring Keen to Passavant Area Hospital, where on arrival, Mr. Keen had been without a pulse for almost 25 minutes.

Passavant personnel provided post-cardiac arrest care while preparing for his transfer to Springfield by Air-Evac Lifeteam #27 based out of Jacksonville. Director McCarty praised the work of all involved.

Care was then transferred to the Air Evac staff who flew him to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, and today Mr. Keen is here with us. The team effort, by the family, West Central Joint E.T.S.B. dispatchers, Jacksonville Police Department police officers, Jacksonville Fire Department’s firefighter paramedics, Life Star Ambulance’s paramedics and E.M.T.s, the Air Evac flight crew, Passavant Area Hospital Emergency Room staff and doctors, all provided the care for Mr. Keen to be here today.”

Mayor Ezard presented each of the first responders that treated Mr. Keen with a certificate of appreciation for their effort, and said following the ceremony that he could not be more proud of the work by everyone involved.

I felt the ceremony was appropriate, we are trying to hit the point to get the public to learn C.P.R., and it kind of rolls into with what happened with Joe Keen in helping save his life. You know, the training pays off for our policeman and firemen and dispatch, and Life Star, and the hospital, and everyone involved. The training they go through and their professionalism, makes me very proud. And I’m proud that they were able to help Joe, things just worked out the best that they could for all involved, and it’s just another reason why we are a good community.”

The first responders and emergency care personnel were honored today in the Jacksonville City Counsel Chambers by Mayor Ezard, Director McCarty and several members of the community for their quick and accurate work in their lifesaving treatment of Mr. Keen, who alongside his family, was in attendance.