Mayor Ezard says Jack Cosner will retire, confirms local Big Brothers Big Sisters closing

By Benjamin Cox on April 9, 2019 at 9:54am

The elected leader of the city of Jacksonville is offering thoughts on recent confirmation of two departures locally.

Mayor Andy Ezard announced yesterday during the Jacksonville City Council workshop session that Superintendent of Jacksonville Municipal Utilities and Operations Jack Cosner would retire soon. Ezard said the effective date for Cosner’s resignation will be Sat., May 4th.

Ezard has also confirmed, though not technically through his position as mayor, the Big Brothers Big Sisters facility on the southeast edge of the downtown square will be closing up.

Ezard says that Cosner has been an integral participant in lots of local improvements.

“Jack has been employed with the city for over 30 years. Obviously, it’s a big blow to the city to lose an employee as valuable as Jack Cosner. The water plant has been his brainchild since the beginning. He handled the flooding episode in 2011 wonderfully, and that prompted the new water plant.”

Mayor Ezard describes how he must accept the departure of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“I really hate to see the facility and the building leave, as far as their presence in Jacksonville and the programming they have done over the years. They’ve done such a tremendous job, and we were so fortunate to have this program in our city. My wife and I and my family have all been ‘Bigs’ and it hurts, but I think it’s a business decision on their end. They just felt it was appropriate to close the building. I wish the program well, and it’s been a great run.”

The swearing in of newly elected officials was also discussed thoroughly in regards to being typically set for the first meeting of May. City Attorney Dan Beard mentioned during this discussion that the next meeting may also be an adequate time for the presentation and oaths of office, thus actively and formally  preparing all new aldermen for the first meeting of May.