McCann looking to improve internet speed in 50th District

By Ryne Turke on July 7, 2016 at 7:12am

A new bill, introduced in June by State Senator Sam McCann, is aiming to increase the high-speed internet for residents of the 50th State Senate District.

Senate Bill 3427 looks to provide basic local exchange service for residential and business lines used for local telecommunication services, rather than stand-alone residence network access.

McCann hopes the bill will create some future hearings on the issue.

“What I am looking to do is spark a conversation to address the many complaints I’ve received about access to high speed internet in the 50th District.

There is a vast majority of the 50th District that is in what I would call rural and under-served areas. When I am in the district visiting with folks, one of the larger complaints I hear is  this lack of access to high speed internet,” says McCann.

McCann says having high speed internet “is a must” for anyone looking to have a high paying job.

“The industrialized world is actually leaving the United States in the dust when it comes to high speed internet service. This is something we need to focus on nationally, but especially in the 50th District and West Central Illinois. There are too many people paying $100-150 a month and their cousins in the city are paying that much, and getting 20-25 [megabytes download speed]. The people [of West Central Illinois] are getting half a meg to two meg. It is just unacceptable.”

On a positive note, McCann applauded the Illinois Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Winchester, for its leadership in delivering market-based and forward thinking solutions. McCann highlighted the importance of an alternative option for high quality internet in the area.

You can listen to the full interview with McCann here: