MCHD Announces Outbreak at Aperion Care

By Benjamin Cox on October 5, 2020 at 4:49pm

The Morgan County Health Department has announced the fourth facility COVID-19 outbreak in the county today. The Health Department confirmed an outbreak at Aperion Care after 2 residents have tested positive for the virus. The health department and the Illinois Department of Public Health are now working with the facility to ensure isolation of the cases and that proper protocols are being used to reduce spread of the infection.

The Morgan County Health Department also announced 16 new cases of COVID-19 and 1 reinfection from over the weekend. On Saturday, the health department confirmed the following cases, 1 female in her 20s, 3 males in their 20s, 1 female in her 50s, and 1 female in her 80s. All are isolating at home. They also confirmed reinfection in 1 resident at Aperion Care.

On Sunday, the new cases included 1 female in her 30s and 1 female in her 40s, both are isolating at home; and 1 Jacksonville Correctional Center inmate.

Today, the health department received confirmation of 7 new cases at Jacksonville Correctional Facility among inmates.

Morgan County’s overall COVID-19 case count is now 720, with 48 cases currently active, and 2 currently hospitalized.