Mediacom Gets Settled Into New Retail Location, Announces New Increased Broadband Speeds

By Benjamin Cox on March 16, 2022 at 2:29pm

Mediacom has moved into its new location at 1223 West Morton Avenue. Mediacom’s Senior Director of Area Operations Dan Stuhr says the new location will update the look and feel of their retail location after leaving their previous location at 409 Massey Lane.

Stuhr says it will provide a new customer experience while also providing their continued customer service: “We’ve been in the building on Massey Lane location for over 40 years. It was just time to update things. The cable business has changed. The video business is changing. The Internet is growing, and we have done this change in other markets across Central Illinois. We thought it was time to do it in Jacksonville, as well. It gives [our office] a little more of a retail flavor. If people are familiar with the retail locations of cell phone companies, it is the same type of thing where you can come in and touch and feel the product, talk to sales representatives, start new service, and of course, we can still take payments and answer billing questions. It’s just an updated feel with a more modern look.”

Mediacom also automatically boosted speeds across their network this week. The company’s Access Internet Basic tier will rise to 100 megabytes per second download speeds. They also doubled download speeds for the Connect – 2 – Compete service through the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. Stuhr says the program is designed to give low income households that qualify broadband Internet access: “As times change, the speeds go up. People need to use the Internet more – it seems like several new devices come out each day that connect to your home network. People work from home or are going to school from home, which we have seen more of over the last couple of years. Speed is important. Just a couple or three years ago, people were coming in [signing up for our service] at 60MB download speeds. Now, we are seeing most people coming in and signing up at the 100MB and 300MB levels, which is now automatically become 200MB and 400MB. As people use [the Internet] more for home and school and it seems like everyday something else is coming out on the marketplace that connects to your WiFi, speed is important. We are lucky that our founder had the foresight to sink some money into our network several years back to be able to offer 1GB speeds. We’ve done that for 5-6 years now, and that really helped prepare for something that nobody was prepared for, which was the pandemic.”

Stuhr says with the increased speeds and now the increased visibility of the retail location that more changes may be on the way in the future for Mediacom.