Memorial Health Self-Schedule App Feature Now Available for Jacksonville Clinic

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 23, 2019 at 9:26am

Earlier this year, Memorial Health System released the Memorial App, in an effort to offer increased access to care anytime. Memorial has now introduced the self-scheduling feature for the clinic in Jacksonville.

The app is available free through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Memorial Physician Services Pediatrician Steve Lillpop, says it is something that Memorial has been working toward for quite a while.

We are so much in contact with our world through our phones through digital media, that it has become obvious that is a great way to interact closely with your medical team as well. Memorial has been working on this for sometime, and there are other applications out there in the marketplace, but Memorial built their own, and now we are using it here in Jacksonville.

So what Memorial put together is an application that anyone can download from the app store of for an Android phone as well, and easily access your providers schedule. It started at the clinics in the Springfield area and now it has rolled out to the outlying clinics, one of them being Jacksonville.”

Lillpop said that the app is easy to download and registration takes less than five minutes.

Anyone with a Memorial Physicians Services Provider can register as a patient and have immediate access to the Jacksonville clinic’s schedule and easily make appointments.

Once you pull up the application, and you have multiple choices for providers, mid-level providers, nurse practitioners, or your physician providers that are on your panel and in your clinic. You will see those providers and a list of various times that you can choose to fit your schedule best.

Once you choose your time, you are routed to the next page which will ask one or two simple questions in order to clarify the type of visit you are requesting, whether it is a routine visit, or a follow up on a chronic condition or an acute problem of some kind, and it really just asks for two or three or four words, a short phrase explaining what exactly it is you are needing.”

Once the appointment request is submitted in the app, schedulers in the clinic will set the appointment in real time and send confirmation through the app.

Patients can schedule appointments any time of the day or night, something that Lillpop says is a great help for people with busy lives.

That can happen anytime of the day or night. You can get on the application when you get your notice from your child’s school that you need a sports physical and it is eight o’clock at night and you think you will forget in the morning, you can just get on your app now and schedule that appointment. Or if you need a work physical and you are thinking about it at night or over the weekend you can do it at any time. And obviously you can do it during the day during the work week.”

In Jacksonville, the self-scheduling feature will give users access to all Memorial Physicians in the Jacksonville Clinic, including internal medicine, family practice and pediatrics.

Lillpop says that the app is becoming popular in the Jacksonville area, and that he has even used it to schedule an appointment with his own health provider.

The Memorial app includes the latest security features to ensure that patents’ personal health information is fully protected.