Memorial Urgent Care Location Coming to Lincoln Square

By Benjamin Cox on May 11, 2022 at 6:25pm

A view across Morton Avenue at the north part of Lincoln Square, former site of Perkins and Lincoln Gardens, where Memorial Care will be located in Jacksonville.

Lincoln Square will soon have a new addition to the healthcare community in Jacksonville.

Memorial Health has announced that they will be occupying the former location of Perkins & Lincoln Gardens on the northwest corner of the square with a brand new Memorial Care offering.

Travis Dowell, Memorial Medical Group President and CEO says it’s expected to open next year: “The location being known as Memorial Care is expected to open in February 2023. Right now, we are in the early stages of construction. This will be our seventh urgent care that we have within our system. We have 4 urgent care locations in Sangamon County – 3 in Springfield and 1 in Chatham. We have two urgent care locations in Macon County – both in the Decatur area.”

Dowell says the facility will provide convenient, urgent care for local residents: “Like any urgent care facility, we will be providing convenient care for patients that have minor injuries and illnesses that you wouldn’t necessarily take to the Emergency Room. You don’t need an appointment just like any other urgent care. You can just come to the location and check in. However, if you want to utilize our Memorial mobile app, you can actually get in line prior to arrival. The name of the feature is On My Way, which is available in the Memorial Health app.”

Dowell says that the urgent care facility will accept all types of insurance.

Dowell says the facility will house all new staff that will include nurse practitioners, clinical staff, non-clinical staff, as well as lab and x-ray technicians. The building will encompass 8 exam rooms plus a procedure room.

Like all other Memorial urgent care facilities, the new location will operate 8AM to 8PM seven days a week.

Dowell says the urgent care facility will create a continuation of service from the primary care that Jacksonville Memorial Hospital and its primary care physicians provide: “We just feel like we would like to improve access to healthcare in the Jacksonville community. We have a really strong Primary Care presence in Jacksonville, and this will be a compliment and an extension of that primary care access. I think this will really be well received and high quality. It will avoid that trip to the Emergency Department because we prefer to have our patients and/or our colleagues to be getting this type of care in non-emergency type settings.”

Dowell says that there is opportunity for more urgent care in the Jacksonville area after hearing about the need for more access from patients and Memorial colleagues in the Jacksonville area. He hopes people choose the location when it comes to their non-emergency healthcare needs when it opens next year.