Menard Co. Sheriff’s Office Warns of Suspect Vehicle With False Emergency Lights

By Benjamin Cox on September 7, 2023 at 5:43pm

The Menard County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that someone may be using police lights to falsely pull people over.

According to a post on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page, on Wednesday at approximately 8:50pm, deputies received a report of a suspicious vehicle operating blue and red lights on Ingram Avenue near Athens Blacktop Road. A driver and passenger reported that a large white truck followed them with an interior flashing red light and exterior flashing blue light activated.

The complainants did not believe the vehicle to be an actual law enforcement vehicle or authorized emergency vehicle. The suspect vehicle followed the complainants for a short distance and then left in an unknown direction. Deputies confirmed that there were no law enforcement or emergency vehicles operating in the described area at that time.

The sheriff’s office is seeking any information that may help in identifying the suspect vehicle. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office at 217-632-2273. Information can be left with dispatch and a deputy will follow up. You may also call the Sangamon/Menard Crime Stoppers at 217-788-8427.

The public is reminded that if they encounter a situation like this and feel it is unsafe to stop, they should call 911 and a dispatcher can assist them in confirming if the vehicle is law enforcement.