Miller Seeking Re-Election to Congress, But Undecided on Which District

By Benjamin Cox on December 4, 2021 at 3:43pm

Freshman Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller says she will run for another term in Congress but hasn’t decided where she will run and which other Republican she will run against.

Miller told POLITICO this week she plans to seek reelection, but Illinois’ new congressional map splits her downstate district in two, leaving her in the undesirable spot of choosing between challenging either Mike Bost in the 12th District or Rodney Davis in the 15th District. Miller’s current hometown of Oakland is in Bost’s district.

Bost has already drawn endorsements from former Representative John Shimkus who held Miller’s current district for 12 terms. According to POLITICO, Bost called Miller a month ago to talk about the 2022 election cycle but she hasn’t returned his call or spoken with him.

Davis told POLITICO he isn’t afraid to take on the challenge against Miller if she would run in the 15th District, which covers the entire WLDS/WEAI listening area.

Illinois’s candidate filing deadline is in mid-March of next year, and the primary is scheduled for June 28th.