Miller Votes Against Awarding D.C., Capitol Police Gold Medals For Service During Jan. 6 Capitol Takeover

By Benjamin Cox on June 16, 2021 at 5:30pm

An Illinois Congresswoman voted against honoring police who protected Congress members during the January 6th take over of the U.S. Capitol building.

15th District Congresswoman Mary Miller was the only member of the Illinois Congressional delegation that voted against honoring both Capitol Police and Washington D.C. Police with Congressional Gold medals. The measure was given bi-partisan passage in a vote of 406-21. Fellow Republican Congress members Rodney Davis, Darin LaHood, and Mike Bost all voted for the bill.

The bill awards the medal, the highest honor Congress can bestow, to the U.S. Capitol Police, the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, the Smithsonian Institution and the Architect of the Capitol. The Smithsonian and Architect will display their medals on a plaque listing law enforcement agencies that helped protect the Capitol.

14th District Republican Congresswoman of Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene, who also voted against the measure, was the only member who voted ‘no’ that gave an explanation last night. Greene said she voted against the measure because she disagreed with the measure’s wording calling the January 6th take over an “insurrection.”

Miller’s office has not made comment about the vote.