Miller’s Platform for Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office

By Benjamin Cox on September 4, 2019 at 12:45pm

WLDS/WEAI News reported on Saturday, August 31st that Assistant Morgan County State’s Attorney Craig Miller announced he would be running for State’s Attorney in Cass County next year. Miller spoke yesterday about what he intends to do with the office if he were elected. “Right now, I don’t believe they have a drug court. I think in speaking with residents over there, that’s something they would like to see. I know they have a methamphetamine problem over there. With a drug court, I think addiction is a very serious issue that a lot of people get into, which is maybe why meth is so bad over there. I think that is something i would like to work with Judge Wessel and local law enforcement on getting set up and attacking the drug problem hard.”

Miller says he’s also not opposed to setting up a Veteran’s Court. “I think that would be one thing that I would work with the judges on. It comes down to what they would like. I don’t have any experience in a Veteran’s Court but I know they have been successful – especially in Sangamon County. I’m not opposed to trying to set something like that up. I think that’s something that each county and community would need to help those veterans who have issues of their own.”

Miller says he looks to continue with the Cass County Sheriff’s office civil asset forfeiture program for drug arrests. Miller says that he will enforce all the current laws on the books when it comes to illegal immigration. “The [immigration issue] is basically left up to the legislature and legislators at the state and federal level who make those laws. State’s Attorneys don’t make the laws but we do enforce them. That is something that I would enforce if it were the law. As prosecutors, we do actively enforce laws that are on our state books.”

Miller and his wife are looking to move to the county if he’s elected next year.