Minor Disruptions to Foot Traffic at Morgan County Courthouse Coming With HVAC Project

By Benjamin Cox on March 27, 2024 at 4:28pm

Several portions of the Morgan County Courthouse remain under maintenance and construction as crews are working to install a new HVAC system for portions of the courthouse.

The offices along the west side of the building have long been on window air conditioner units, which have now all been removed due to the window repair project.

Morgan County Commissioner Chair Mike Wankel says that any construction with the HVAC project will have some minor disruptions to foot traffic: “There will be a 2 or maybe a 3-day interruption on the main staircase, with no access to the upper floors limited or stopped. The contractors only anticipate that to take 2 days, and at worse case, 3 days to happen. Everyone will still have access to the elevator to get to the upper floors. Those are the only real interruptions that we really foresee.”

Wankel says that the window project by Jacksonville Art Glass is moving on at a great pace despite some recent weather: “Actually, knock on wood, they have had great weather to start the project. I don’t think they have had any delays as far as weather is concerned. It’s moving along at a good pace, and we are happy with the work that they have done at the courthouse for us.”

The commissioners approved a pay invoice on Monday to Jacksonville Art Glass for a little over $39,000 from the remaining American Rescue Plan Act funds balance for continued work on the windows. The windows are expected to make the courthouse heating and cooling more efficient.

Both projects are expected to be wrapped up sometime prior to the start of the summer.