More Fallout For Auburn High School Student’s Racist Video

By Benjamin Cox on August 15, 2019 at 5:34pm

More fallout of a racist video is being felt in the community of Auburn this week. A week after a racist Snapchat video of two Auburn students went viral, the high school and community are still reeling from the behavior. The Auburn Police Department announced yesterday that it would be adding extra police presence at Auburn High School to “play things on the safe side” said Auburn Police Chief David Campbell to the State Journal Register. The school held an assembly yesterday to deal with the issues surrounding the video that was shot in 2017 and surfaced on social media over the weekend.

Auburn High School principal David Essex told the State Journal Register yesterday that he has been talking to parents frequently from around the community and has had the district officials monitoring social media to deal with any further fallout. Essex did not detail any discipline being rendered on one of the females depicted in the video who is still a current student at the school. Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell also added his support to the district, telling the State Journal Register, saying he would add extra patrols or officers if called upon.

Concordia Village in Springfield, an employer of one of the females in the video, said that they had fired the employee depicted in the video. They made the announcement on a Facebook post on Monday expressing their disappointment.