Morgan Co. Commissioners Approve Appointments to Three Boards

By Benjamin Cox on June 11, 2024 at 5:52am

The Morgan County Commissioners approved appointments to one committee and two boards on Monday morning.

The commissioners unanimously approved Thomas Palliser, Dave Carter, and Ronald Lyons to serve on the Waverly Fire Protection District Board. The three will oversee the newly created Waverly Fire Protection District, which was created by a referendum in March.

The commissioners also unanimously approved the appointment of Gary Scott to the Morgan County Health Department’s Board of Health. Scott assumes the vacancy left by the death of the president of the board, Charles “Chuck” Jennings, who passed away on May 9th.

The commissioners also accepted the appointments of Adam Potter and current Morgan County Commissioner Brad Zeller to the Farmland Assessment Review Committee. Zeller says the committee will be meeting in two weeks, as required by state law, to go over paperwork surrounding farmland tax assessments: “It’s a committee that’s required by the Illinois Department of Revenue to meet once a year. The county usually holds that meeting in the second or third week of June. The meeting time and place will be placed in the local newspaper and presented in compliance with the Open Meetings Act, but I believe it is scheduled for June 26th. We have 3 farmers that sit on that committee, and then, they review the documents from the Illinois Department of Revenue that give the new rates for the preceding year’s farm tax rates.”

Zeller told the commissioners that he believes the taxation factors for farmland are expected to rise again this year.