Morgan Co. Commissioners Now Begin Process of Finding Interim Meier Replacement

By Benjamin Cox on November 16, 2021 at 3:05pm

The Morgan County Commissioners sadly now have a spot to fill within the next two months.

With the passing of Commissioner Bill Meier last week, the Morgan County Republicans will need to caucus to choose a replacement, according to Commissioner Chair Ginny Fanning: “By state statute, the seat needs to be filled within 60 days of the elected official’s passing. Within the next 60 days, the [local] Republican Party will need to caucus, and they will determine a candidate that they would then like to present to the County Board. Then, the County Board will vote on that person, and that person will then take the seat. They will then be in that seat until November 2022. Bill was up for re-election this coming. That person will hold that seat and need to be, then in the November election because that seat will be available then.”

Fanning says that despite her and Commissioner Brad Zeller coming from opposing political parties that they will most likely accept the recommendation brought to them by the Morgan County Republican Party.

No names have been mentioned as to who may step in to replace Meier.