Morgan Co. Health Department: Time Is Now To Schedule Immunizations and School Physicals for Next Year

By Benjamin Cox on May 17, 2023 at 2:19pm

School is ending for the current year in less than a week for many in the area.

Director of Nursing at the Morgan County Health Department Jacquie Barringer says that its time to start thinking about vaccinations and physicals for next school year right now.

Barringer says that parents of younger children especially have to make sure that vaccinations are up to date, starting with kids going into Pre-K: “You need to have all your shots from your baby – baby shots, and to make sure that they are up to date. If they are four years of age or older, then, they can have their kindergarten shots or they can wait until kindergarten. Also with Pre-K, they need a school physical. With kindergarten, they need shots and a school physical. We also can’t forget about dental and an eye exam either, so there are lots of things. Sixth grade [students]] need shots and a physical. Ninth grade [students] just needs a physical and twelfth grade needs shots.”

Barringer says that vaccinations can be completed at the health department, and they are currently working on negotiations to one day be able to provide school physicals. Barringer says the last date most of the items can be completed for a child to stay in school is October 15th. Some schools do require students to have all vaccinations and physicals prior to attendance. She says to check with your school district to see what their policy is if you are finding difficulty for scheduling both things.

Barringer says to get things done now so it can be out of the way for the summertime: “We get very busy, and then, people wait. Tempers get hot. Kids get nervous. And so, that’s why we are thinking about it now. We’ve got the vaccines. We’re ready. So, come on. Let’s get it done before you have to think about it in the summer or wait.”

Barringer says adults also should remember their vaccinations and updates with boosters. For more information, visit or call 217-245-5111. The health department is located at the corner of East State Street and North Clay Avenue.