Morgan Co. Health Dept. Offers Tips to Beat the Heat

By Benjamin Cox on July 11, 2023 at 2:38pm

July is National Extreme Heat Safety Month.

Morgan County Health Department Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Erika Newman says there are several easy ways to beat the heat.

She says one way to stay away from heat exhaustion is to do strenuous activities in the cooler parts of the day: “It’s always better to do those activities early in the morning when it’s cooler or later in the evening when it’s cooler, as well. Midday is never a good time to do activities like mowing, sports practices, or activities that would make you even hotter in already strenuous heat.”

Newman says you should also do a few other things to beat the heat: “Wear your light-colored clothing. That’s going to keep the heat up and off of your body. Always stay hydrated and drink water. Don’t wait until you get super thirsty to drink water. Always continue to hydrate throughout the day. Take precautions. Check on your neighbors. Be kind to one another. If there is anyone who may not have air conditioning, just check on them and those that you are taking care of, especially those who are ages 65 and older.”

Extreme heat is defined as two to three days of heat and humidity with successive 90+ degree days. According to state officials, over 300 people die from heat every year. Heat is responsible for the highest number of deaths every year from weather-related hazards in Illinois.