Morgan Co. Receives Late But Clean FY23 Audit

By Benjamin Cox on May 31, 2024 at 6:26am

The Morgan County Commissioners received a clean bill of financial health on Tuesday morning.

Adam Withee, Principal CPA at Zumbahlen, Eyth, Surratt, Foote & Flynn presented the fiscal year 2023 audit several months after its normal delivery date. Normally, audits are presented in the January of the following year. For instance, the audit would have been scheduled to be delivered to the commissioners in January in this year for FY23.

Due to unknown delays, Withee says that the county’s audit went by in an easy fashion: “It was a standard opinion this year with no findings in the current year audit. All in all, things went well this year during the audit. Everyone does a very good job of getting us the information that we ask for, and sometimes it falls on us as far as being timely vs. falling on the county’s officials. We appreciate all of the help you give us while we are here for the audit.”

Withee says the only real liability concerns for the county deals with the American Rescue Plan Act funds received from the federal government. The county had budgeted for the full amount of the $3.67 million in ARPA dollars to be spent last year, but a large sum of that remained at the end of the fiscal year as of August 31st.

The county is currently spending the remaining funds in the current fiscal year on courthouse improvements. Withee says that the liability will turn into an expenditure on next year’s audit.

Digital files of the audit are expected to be available on the county’s website within the week. Withee says he hopes the schedule returns to its normal December-January time frame for next year’s audit for his firm.