Morgan Commissioners Adapt to New Meeting Agenda

By Benjamin Cox on January 6, 2020 at 6:52pm

The Morgan County Commissioners completed their weekly meeting in less than 10 minutes this morning for their first meeting of 2020. Chairman Brad Zeller says that agendas for meetings will look different than previous years. “Three weeks ago, we passed an ordinance that gives a draft of how meeting agendas should be posted and then the differences between a roll call vote and voice vote. The county board has traditionally done a voice vote. To have more clarity, the county board is now going to have a roll call vote for any financial issues and any ordinances that are action items.”

Bills to the total of $9835 for the month, payroll, and one-day liquor licenses for Hamilton’s Catering for the dates of March 14th, May 16th, and May 30th all passed via the roll call votes unanimously. Commissioner Bill Meier told the board that the Morgan County Courthouse had also officially established its lactation room at the courthouse. The room is located on the first floor next to the commissioner’s office. Signs are posted on the 2nd Floor, the courthouse entrance, and in the women’s restrooms to direct them there if they are nursing mothers.

The Commissioner’s will next meet on January 13th on the first floor of the courthouse at 9AM.