Morgan County Clerk Waggener offers thoughts for the consolidated election

By Benjamin Cox on April 2, 2019 at 10:01am

The Morgan County Clerk is offering a few tips in light of today’s consolidated election.

Jill Waggener was elected in 2018 and will serve as county clerk in her current term until November 2022. Throughout Morgan County, voters will decide the outcomes of 4 aldermanic races in Jacksonville, 4 village races set to determine trustees for three seats in each village, a total of 5 school board races, and the Franklin prohibition vote.

Waggener says everyone will receive a specific ballot corresponding to their address.

“When each person goes in to their polling place, they will be given a ballot that will specifically outline what they are eligible to vote for.”

Although the county employees may not be able to answer questions about the ballot, Waggener wants everyone to know that her office will be open and operational tomorrow.

“Most people already know where they go to vote, but if they are unsure they can call my office and my staff will be able to tell them where they need to go. Also, each precinct polling place will be able to offer a sample ballot for voters to understand what they will be voting on.”

Waggener says the importance of these election races is, unfortunately, lost on many.

“I think this will be a small election. It will probably be a long day for my election judges, because unfortunately a lot of people don’t get out and vote for this type of consolidated election. As I say with every election, I hope everyone gets out to vote. There are many important things that people need to think about for their village or local library or school district that their child might happen to go to.”

For any questions regarding voting locations, call Jill Waggener’s office at 243-8581.