Morgan County Commissioners Pass Bills, Payroll & Cemetery Appointments

By Benjamin Cox on April 6, 2020 at 1:40pm

The Morgan County Commissioners met for a little over 10 minutes by phone this morning to take action on a small agenda. All the commissioners, including county committees, were in attendance by phone. Commissioner Chairman Bradley Zeller explained the payable bills for Morgan County for the first Monday of April: “They are in the stated amount of $84,449.53. They are all routine. The reason the total is on the high side is that we paid for our audit – that composed of $63,835 of that amount. If that total was taken out, we would have had a very short bill schedule.”

Payroll was the second action item. Zeller said that payroll for the county will be issued on April 15th. Zeller said that the Concord Cemetery board issued a letter of recommendation for the re-appointment of Rex Brockhouse, Alan Kircher, and Ron Surratt to the Concord Cemetery Board for three year terms, which the commissioners approved.

Zeller wanted to express his thanks for everyone who was adhering to social distancing in the county and at the courthouse. “We will continue to do whatever we can here at the county.”

Zeller says the board will continue to meet by teleconference as long as the directives are in place and that the ability for the public to access the meetings by phone will continue to be published each week on the agenda.