Morgan County Commissioners Pay Out For New Sheriff’s Office SUV, Other Sizable Bills to Start June

By Benjamin Cox on June 9, 2022 at 11:51am

The Morgan County Commissioner paid out some sizable bills on Monday for their first meeting of the month of June.

Commissioner Chair Brad Zeller says that two large bills came out of the General Fund to start the month: “We have general fund bills in the stated amount of $98,477.02. With that, the two largest payments in that which is most of them is a payment for our joint dispatch quarterly payment of $41,765.90; and then, we also bought the sheriff a new SUV in the stated amount of $38,552.03. I would state that it was bought locally here at Westown Ford.”

Zeller says that the state bid and Westown’s bid were close, with Westown’s bid on the new SUV coming in slightly higher. Zeller says the decision was made to go with the Westown bid to keep the money local.

The other large bill came through a payout of American Rescue Plan money to the next traunch of bills related to the Morgan County Health Department’s renovation at the former Putnam-Springer building for $350,515.12. Commissioner Ginny Fanning says a final invoice for the building will be coming soon.

Zeller closed the meeting talking about the Health Department’s move to their new location: “We were told that the health department did get moved. They did get open with a few glitches, of course, with the phones and the Internet, which I guess is to be expected. I did speak to someone over the weekend that had the opportunity to go through the new location. Myself, personally, has not been in the building. I was going to wait until they got operating and got settled in before I personally go through or the board tours the building; but I did talk to someone who had the opportunity go through the new health department. They said that it was fabulous.”

The final, out of the ordinary bill was payout of health insurance costs in the amount of $95,370.32.