Morgan County Commissioners Postpone Bills

By Benjamin Cox on November 9, 2020 at 2:20pm

The Morgan County Commissioners had to postpone action on the county’s bills this morning because of the extensive work surrounding last Tuesday’s election.

County Clerk Jill Waggener is still tabulating the extra costs and expenditures from her office due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts during the General Election. Waggener and her office are also the office responsible for helping with accounts payable for the county.

Morgan County Commissioner Chairman Brad Zeller says a special meeting will be called later this week to resolve the issue: “Due to the complexity of the election and the clerk’s office also does our accounts payable, the staff was unable to complete that task so we did not get the bills for this morning’s meeting. As of Friday, we thought there was still a possibility they would be able to get those to us in a timely fashion, so we left it on the agenda today. It did not happen, so we will have a special meeting for bills only this week. Of course that will be posted in 48 hours advanced notice, and we will put it on the county’s website, too. We will have the meeting for just bills only because we need to get the accounts payable sent out.”

In other business this morning, the county approved the appointment of Marcia Cox to Road District #8 clerk. Cox is replacing Pamela Redd, who submitted a letter of resignation on October 30th. Cox was recommended by Road District #8 Commissioner Bill Critchelow.

Zeller says that the Morgan County Courthouse will also be closed on Wednesday this week for observance of Veterans’ Day.