Morgan County Extension office will offer a seminar on emergency preparedness

By Benjamin Cox on April 15, 2019 at 1:22pm

The U of I extension service is offering a discussion this week on severe weather readiness.

University of Illinois Extension Office Environmental and Energy Stewardship educator Duane Friend joined the WLDS What’s On Your Mind program recently to talk about upcoming seminars.

The first seminar will be Wednesday evening at the Morgan County U of I Extension Office from 6-8.

The cost is 5 dollars per person at the door.

Friend details a seminar in Jacksonville on Wednesday for emergency preparedness.

“We’re not talking about a small-scale event. We’ll be talking about preparedness for something like a major earthquake out of the New Madrid area, which many probably know has happened in the past and will likely occur again in the future, or if a major tornado went through a community. There is even the potential for the electrical system going down and for ice storms. We’re going to talk about some of the basics people need to keep in mind to be ready for these situations, including food and sanitation, and we’re also going to talk about first-aid.”

Friend explains why the seminar is important.

“If you lose electricity in a widespread area, food supplies are in danger. Gas pumps won’t work. We tend to take these things for granted, but if there is an outage on a widespread area you’re not going to have access immediately. If there is something that has caused a lot of injuries involved, hospitals are going to be overwhelmed. This kind of knowledge is good for people to have in the back of their minds because we hope the preparations are never necessary, but it is better to be prepared.

Joining Friend at the seminar Wednesday will be Cass County Emergency Coordinator Dustin Fritche and Passavant Area Hospital’s Elijah Logan.