Morgan County Health Department Heading East

By Gary Scott on April 9, 2021 at 10:18am

The Morgan County health department is looking to move into new digs this fall.

            Morgan County Health Department director Dale Bainter says the former Putnam-Springer building on the MacMurray College campus at Clay and State will serve as the new home.

            Bainter says the building is much bigger than what the health department has now. He describes it as cramped.

            He says the square footage will jump from 6-thousand square feet to 20-thousand square feet.

            Bainter says several of the rooms have to be re-worked to make the fit well.

             He says the health department is being conservative with planning, but will need to add plumbing. He hopes to be open there for the fall flu season.

            The health department services have expanded through SIU School of medicine in the past couple of years , making space a premium.