Morgan County Health Department holds vital records, including birth/death certificates

By Benjamin Cox on March 2, 2018 at 3:30pm

The next time you’re looking for a birth or death certificate for a loved one, you want to be aware of where you are looking. Instead of head to the Morgan County Court House, pay a visit to the Morgan County Health Department.

Meredith Vogel Thomas is with the Morgan County Health Department and recently joined our WLDS “AM conversation” to discuss on how the administrator at the county health department is also the county registrar. 

“So your county registrar is responsible for registering the births and death of everyone in Morgan county. So everybody who was born in Morgan County, if they live here or not, and everybody who dies in Morgan County, whether they live here or not,  we are responsible for certifying their birth certificates and death certificates, and that’s a huge responsibility! What we really encourage anybody who is interested in genealogy or if you are a new parent or if you have recently been appointed as a trustee, and you’re looking for those documents, we encourage you to reach out. Come to the Morgan County Health Department and we can get you a certified birth or death certificates. That way we can dispel what ever myths of what the registrar is or and does.” Thomas explained.

Thomas explains how vital records is with families at the important times of their lives.

“We do take the work seriously it’s fun to take light of it sometimes. But we are with families as celebrating the beautiful birth of their children. We send you a welcome letter if your child is born in Morgan County that says come to the registrar’s office and get your birth certificate. We also send a pamphlet that talks about all the different services that we offer. Likewise we are with families at the most tender part of their lives when they request a death certificate.We treat both of those things with dignity and respect and we appreciate the privilege of being with both of those circumstances.” said Thomas.

Thomas suggests if your children are enrolling into school this fall, you should head to the Morgan County health department for vaccines sooner rather than later. She says it would also be a good idea to pick up any certified certifications there as well.

“For a certified of a birth certificate is a $12 fee and then a $3 search fee. For death certificates, it’s $14 with that search fee, so it’s $17 for the first copy, $14 for each additional. We are able to take that by any means that you would like to pay. If you don’t have a certified birth certificate for every member of your family, we strongly encourage you to have one. It’s the actual proof of you say you are. Only the birth mother and the birth father, if he is listed, for can request a birth certificate.” Thomas said.

Those who are history buffs, you may have to go to the state for more information. If you would like to learn more on the Morgan County Health Department you may log on to their website, or if you want to know more information on vital records head to

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