Morgan County Officials – No Homemade Food Donations at Hospitals or Health Agencies

By Benjamin Cox on April 2, 2020 at 8:38am

Morgan County Health Officials announced one new positive case of COVID-19 in the county yesterday. The total of cases of coronavirus in the county is now at 5 with 13 pending test results, 32 negative test results, and 1 death.

Passavant Area Hospital officials asked that visitors to the hospital to not bring any homemade food to the hospital or other healthcare agencies to share with employees. They said that sharing food not prepared in a commercial kitchen risks the health of everyone in the hospital and at the agencies. Passavant has asked that if someone wishes to donate food to arrange those donations with Pam Martin. To arrange a donation, call 217-479-5575 or via email at

Morgan County Health Department officials wanted to remind residents that they can still enjoy going outdoors. They say that individual exercise and individual sport activities are a great way to get outside and to remain physically active during the stay at home order. They also remind people that if they do go outside, to maintain all social distancing directives and sanitize both indoor and outdoor surfaces. They said staying active while you stay at home is an essential part to mental and physical health.