Morgan County Switching Health Insurance Due to Ongoing Springfield Clinic-BCBS Conflict

By Benjamin Cox on December 21, 2021 at 6:24pm

Yet another entity is leaving Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois at the first of the year due to the ongoing fall out of the disagreement with Springfield Clinic.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois terminated Springfield Clinic as an in-network provider back on November 17th after the two sides couldn’t come to terms on new financial agreements.

Morgan County Commissioner Chair Brad Zeller announced Monday morning that the county would be switching its healthcare insurance because of the disagreement: “[The county] has a health committee, and they reviewed [our insurance]. We are currently under Blue Cross Blue Shield Health, and we got a recommendation from the health committee to change to Health Alliance. The two policies that we have [been proposed] are trying to mirror our existing policies. Other than they change on the medical card, Dental and Vision remain the same. We are currently seeking applications [from employees] for the change and what people are going to take with the new policies.”

The new policy is expected to take effect on January 1st. The commissioners confirmed that the health committee’s reasoning for the change was that many employees of the county didn’t want to lose or have to change doctors due to the ongoing dispute.