Morgan Primary Closed, Early Voting Could Start This Week

By Jeremy Coumbes on March 2, 2021 at 3:24pm

Early voting in Morgan County could start as early as this week now that the February primary is closed.

Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggener says her office officially closed the Jacksonville Mayoral primary yesterday with the final outcome being pretty much the same as election night.

We counted all of the ballots that came through the mail. Of course, there were some additional votes for each of the candidates but the outcome was still the same. With Mr. Ezard winning the primary and Nicole being the second person with the most votes. So both of those people will move on to April.”

All three candidates picked up extra votes following election night, with incumbent Mayor Andy Ezard gaining the most. Ezard finished with 829 votes cast in his favor, representing just over 85% of the total votes.

Nicole Riley finished second with 127 votes and a 13% share. Challenger Jason Stansfield picked up two additional votes from mail-in ballots, finishing the contest with 17 votes.

Waggener says she is hopeful early voting for the April consolidated election can begin as soon as possible.

I’m hoping that tomorrow will begin our early voting for April that today my staff can finish up the few steps they need to do to make that happen. But I would suggest that anyone who is thinking about coming in to call the office before they make the trip.”

Waggener says she will announce the start of early voting for Morgan County just as soon as it becomes available.

To reach the Morgan County Clerk’s Office, dial 217-243-8581 or by email at