Morgan-Scott Committee To Update Emergency Mitigation Plans For Natural Disasters

By Benjamin Cox on October 30, 2019 at 10:40am

The Morgan-Scott Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee will hold its first meeting to update the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans for both counties on Tuesday, November 12th at 1PM at the Jacksonville Municipal Building. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is funding the update to the plans. The plans are required to be updated every 5 years by law.

Phil McCarty, Morgan County Emergency Management Coordinator, said the purpose of the plans are to find ways to keep residents and property secure during natural disasters. The plans, he said, are ways to reduce and prevent damages before they actually occur. The committee will meet over the next several months to update the plans in an open meeting setting so local residents can attend and ask questions.

After the plan is updated at the meetings, a public forum will be held to present the plans for review and public comment. The draft Plan updates will be revised based on comments from the public and the state and federal government agencies. Following these revisions, the Plans will be presented for adoption at public meetings held by the counties and at each of the participating municipalities.

To view Morgan County’s current Disaster Plan, visit this link.