Motion for an IT expert denied in Pike County predatory sexual assault case

By Benjamin Cox on March 2, 2019 at 10:37am

A Pike County man’s attempt to have an IT expert paid for by the state was denied.

56 year old Charles Bradshaw, of Pittsfield, was arrested on October 2nd of last year after a lengthy investigation spearheaded by the Pittsfield Police and the Pike County Sheriff’s Departments. Bradshaw is charged with one count of predatory criminal sexual assault of a juvenile victim under the age of 13.

Charles Bradshaw appeared in Pike County Court on Tuesday. According to previous reports from the Pittsfield Police Department, Bradshaw is alleged to have conducted sexual contact with the victim around two years ago.

Pike County State’s Attorney Zach Boren says Bradshaw’s motion attempt was futile.

“He was set for arraignment and also a hearing on his motion to appoint an IT expert. What his motion essentially alleged is that somehow the video of his interview with law enforcement had been tampered with, and he wanted an independent IT expert to look at the DVD and make an analysis of whether or not it had somehow changed. What the judge held at the hearing was that Bradshaw has failed to make any showing whatsoever that there is any reason to believe anything about that video has been tampered with. He didn’t testify, he didn’t submit an affidavit. All he did was file a motion for the court to appoint a rather expensive expert with no basis. And that was certainly our argument, but that’s what the court found and it was denied. I think we just continued the arraignment for Bradshaw to determine what he would like to do next.”

Bradshaw’s next court appearance was scheduled, but the information regarding his next day in court has not been publicly released.