Mt. Sterling Capitol Avenue Rehab Moving Along

By Benjamin Cox on July 20, 2022 at 8:46am

The Mt. Sterling Capitol Avenue project is moving along at a steady pace. The $1.8 million project is wrapping up its first phase on the south end of Capitol.

City Manager Vada Yingling says that local residents aren’t seeing as many traffic disruptions in this phase of the project: “I believe they have the water main installed on half of it, and the contractor is working to get the storm sewer installed in the south half. They’ve been pouring a little bit of curb and gutter on the south side, and they are getting ready to do the same up on the north end of Capitol. We’re going to have both sides torn up for a bit, and they both are for the most part right now. Stores are still staying open. They aren’t finding it hard to stay open. Patrons are finding it hard for parking, but the contractors are trying to keep as much parking open as much as they can.”

A separate contractor is working around the Brown County Courthouse on Court Street on both sides to replace parking areas and repave streets.

Yingling says very little has slowed down both of the projects: “It’s all moving along. The contractors are getting a lot of long days in. We have had a few rain delays, and then some material delays. Right now, all materials are in and the contractors aren’t currently waiting on any.”

Truck traffic to and from Prairieland FS and Western Grain Marketing is still being re-routed due to the lane closures, but Yingling says that both contractors have been keeping at least one lane of traffic open for the duration of the work moving forward.

For more information or questions, contact Mt. Sterling City Hall at 217-773-2513.