Mt. Sterling New Subdivision Addressing Housing Shortage

By Benjamin Cox on January 20, 2023 at 10:01am

Mt. Sterling is addressing its housing shortage one lot at a time.

A new subdivision, Neylon Farms, has two new houses on the market with the hopes of at least 50 or more homes coming in the near future.

Mt. Sterling City Administrator Vada Yingling said in November that the city is the hub of commercial and industrial traffic for Brown County and they’d like more people to move into town: “We’ve got quite a few people that stream into our community every day to work at DOT Foods, the prison, and Timewell Tile. A good part of them commute and live outside of the county. We’d like to entice a portion of them to work, live, play, and send their kids to school here. We’ve got Neylon Farms as a new subdivision that’s being developed on the west side of town. They’ve got one complete spec home and looking for…I believe they’ve got one just about done, and I believe they’ve broke ground on two others. They are selling lots there and are hoping people want to come in and build, and live with us here in Mt. Sterling.”

According to 2020 Census figures, Mt. Sterling has approximately 2,000 people. Yingling told WGEM recently that at least 2,500 people work at DOT Foods. Several people have reported struggling to find open housing in Brown County and have to drive into the county from several miles away.

Mt. Sterling also recently completed renovations on Capitol Avenue after completing Main Street renovations over 2 years ago. New amenities at Mt. Sterling Lake have also recently been completed. Yingling says that picturesque homes in the new subdivision should entice people wanting to settle down in Mt. Sterling either to live and work or come to retire.