Mt. Sterling Supermarket Completes Name Change

By Benjamin Cox on August 3, 2023 at 9:48am

Photo Courtesy of Mt. Sterling Foods Facebook Page.

A once well-known grocery store chain in West Central Illinois has lost another location.

The Brown County Democrat Message reports that the IGA sign has come down off of the Mt. Sterling location. Mt. Sterling Foods is the new name of the location at 200 Pittsfield Road. Owner Steve Kremer said the name change has been in the works since the fall of 2022. The location had been a part of the IGA franchise for over 30 years. The name change officially dates back to January 1st but Kremer said that getting new signs up has taken time to get put in place.

The new location is now known as Mt. Sterling Foods and will be replacing their IGA-branded foods with the Essential Everyday brand. Essential Everyday is part of the UNFI warehouse based out of Champaign. UNFI currently supplies Niemann Foods, Cub Foods, and County Market locations with the generic label foods.

IGA has slowly over the decades lost many locations across West Central Illinois. The closest remaining IGA franchises, according to their website, are in Riverton, Mason City, and Staunton.