Murrayville Getting New Fire Chief

By Benjamin Cox on January 1, 2022 at 6:31pm

The Village of Murrayville will be getting a new fire chief in the coming year.

Current Fire Chief John Sonneborn announced on Facebook this evening that he is handing over the chief position to Cody J. Kitselman after 12 years at the post.

Sonneborn says he is not leaving the Murrayville Volunteer Fire Department but is simply going to serve in a different capacity from now on: “[Kitselman] reminds me of myself and has a passion of helping the community in anyway he can. I have served as a fireman for 26 years and chief for 12 years. I am not leaving just stepping down as chief. I will serve on the fire department just at a different capacity. Please join me by giving your total support to Cody, he’s going to do an amazing job as chief!”

According to Kitselman’s Facebook, he has been working with the fire department for 13 years.