Murrayville, Waverly Receiving IL EPA Loans For Sewer Rehab Projects

By Benjamin Cox on July 24, 2020 at 8:24am

Two Morgan County communities are receiving loans from the Illinois EPA for sewer rehab projects. Illinois EPA Director John J. Kim announced yesterday that more than $182 million in State Revolving Fund loans were issued to public or private utilities for municipalities for wastewater, stormwater, and drinking water projects. $25 million worth of the loans are forgiven in accordance with loan rules.

Murrayville will be receiving $543,358.29 to fulfill phase 2 of a multi-phase sewer rehab project. The projects consists of the lining of sanitary sewers with cured‐in‐place pipe lining, point repairs, manhole lining and all necessary appurtenances. Over $244,000 will be forgiven for the village as it completes the project payments. The loan comes through the Water Pollution Control Loan Program. The program’s interest rate has been set for 1.35%.

Waverly is also receiving a loan through the Water Pollution Control Loan Program. Waverly’s loan is for over $1.28 million for rehab of their sanitary sewer system. The project includes rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer collection system with cured‐in‐place pipe lining. The aging system has a history of inflow and infiltration issues, causing the collection system to experience sewer main failures, collapses, sewer back‐ups and blockages. Over $384,000 worth of the project’s total will be forgiven under the program rules.

Work on the projects are expected to begin within the next year.