Myles Sentenced in Brown County For Criminal Sex Assault of a Minor

By Benjamin Cox on March 9, 2023 at 9:21am

A Peoria man who was found guilty on 3 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child in a bench trial in Brown County Court back in January is going to spend significant time in prison.

37 year old Brian A. Myles of Peoria was found guilty of all three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor, all Class X felonies, by Brown County Circuit Judge Jerry Hooker after a bench trial on January 17th & 18th. Myles was accused of sexually assaulting a family member under the age of 13 on three separate occasions.

Over the course of a day and a half of the trial in January, the bench heard testimony from the victim, a small number of witnesses, Brown County authorities, and also watched a video of the police interview with Myles at the time of his initial arrest.

Yesterday, Myles was sentenced to 55 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, five years short of the maximum sentence allowed by Illinois statute. According to truth-in-sentencing laws, Myles must serve 85% of his sentence.