NBEA Begins Release of Evidence of Intimidation on Social Media

By Benjamin Cox on October 12, 2019 at 12:31pm

After the New Berlin CUSD #16 School Board voted to place full confidence behind Dr. Adam Ehrman at their monthly meeting on Thursday night, the NBEA has presented evidence to the public via their Facebook Page of evidence of text messages sent that they say validate their allegations of intimidation existing in the district.

In the post, membership said that they have been working to communicate the serious concerns of violations of federal labor laws. In the picture posted to the page, the picture depicts a group of teacher’s in the district with a text below insinuating if there were a strike in the district by the NBEA, all non-tenured teachers would be “getting their walking papers” if they decided to participate in the picket.

In a communication with NBEA President Joe Kindred Saturday morning, he said that some of the audience had said the NBEA’s evidence was questionable, didn’t exist, or was motivated by personal conflicts. He said over the series of the coming days that the NBEA would be releasing evidence that had been given to the school board on September 25th.

Kindred said the motivation behind the “no confidence” vote and the pursuance of action by the NBEA “has always been [trying to] keep good teachers in the district because ultimately good teachers impact student achievement.” The NBEA says that 10 teachers have left the elementary school over the past year due to the hostile working environment.

An email to Dr. Adam Ehrman’s office as well as all school board members had been sent Saturday morning for comment.

WLDS News will continue to pass along further developments as they become available.