NBEA leadership and New Berlin School Board Meet To Settle Differences

By Benjamin Cox on October 18, 2019 at 8:33am

Things may be turning a corner for the good with the New Berlin Education Association and the New Berlin School Board. The NBEA leadership and school board members met at 4PM yesterday to discuss the ongoing problems between the district’s union teachers and the school’s administration. In a statement released by the NBEA yesterday, the outcome of the meeting appeared to be positive: “The New Berlin Education Association reached out to the New Berlin School District Leadership in hopes of meeting to resolve current issues impacting members of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We are pleased to announce that the board agreed to meet with the NBEA today at 4 o’clock. The NBEA is excited to have an opportunity to discuss moving forward with solutions to administrative intimidation and a pattern of consistent mistakes regarding payroll for our members. We are cautiously optimistic the District will allow our members’ voices to be heard.”

The NBEA provided the following as a follow-up statement after the meeting: “The New Berlin Education Association met with the district’s leaders today. The NBEA will be providing additional information in the days to come. We are looking forward to working with the Board to improve culture and climate.”

Previously this month, the NBEA had made a “no confidence” vote in the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Adam Ehrman. The NBEA said the sticking points with Ehrman and the administration had been a culture of intimidation as well as consistent mistakes regarding teacher payroll and benefits. It appears the two sides are working to discuss and repair their differences. WLDS News will continue to pass along more developments as they come along.