Nearly 10 Inches of Rain in May

By Gary Scott on June 3, 2019 at 11:19am

It wasn’t the wettest May on record in Jacksonville, but it did little to help the flooding fighting effort along the Illinois River.
The official rain total here at WLDS-WEAI is just under 9 and three quarter inches. That’s a full 5 inches more than Jacksonville usually gets.
Normal rainfall for May is around 4 and a half inches.
The wettest May on record is 12 and 3 tenth inches in 1935. In fact, last month’s rain total isn’t even the wettest May this decade.
The rainfall total in May of 2013 was just under 10 inches, at 9.96.
It was, in some sense, a relentless rain. There was some type of precipitation on 20 of the 31 days. The heaviest rain was the 2 and 8 tenth inches recorded on May 1st.
Last month’s rainfall followed a wet April with a nearly identical total. That has furthered the flooding problems over the two month period.
Precipitation for the year is now at 24 and two tenths inches. That’s 10 inches more than normal over the first five months of the year.