New Berlin Football Locker Room Renovated After Community Donation

By Benjamin Cox on August 3, 2020 at 3:47pm

A Before/After Shot of the main locker room space. (Courtesy of the WFNB Pretzel Football Facebook Page)

The New Berlin Football Co-Op will have a new locker room when they are able to return to play. The Pretzels had a public unveiling of a months-long project by the New Berlin, Franklin, and Waverly community in renovating the 20+ year old locker room on Tuesday last week.

Head Coach Seth Hill says the renovations cost approximately $7000 and hundreds of man-hours in labor by various members of the communities: “The effort was spearheaded by our coaches Tino Vazquez and Marc Luttrell took a hold of it. All of us coaches kind of helped out with that among the various other things and parts of summer practice and some of the other fundraisers we had going on. We had a lot of community involvement. The parents came out and got very involved with the building of all new lockers. They helped repainting and redesigning the locker rooms, and updated the coaches’ office. They really gave a good, quality facelift to our facilities that I think has been needed. It was just a great thing to be able to see the community and the coaching staff and see the administration of the building to really all come together and do something good for the kids.”

Hill says that the current space was reorganized for a better floor plan: “The group that we had working on the project did a really good job at taking all the square footage and using it the best possible way to where it actually makes our locker room work better. They took one sort-of locker room where there used to be a smaller space and made it so everything really does look a lot bigger. It’s like an open-concept floor plan compared to having all of the walls up making it look a whole lot bigger than it did before.”

Hill says that he was really proud to see the community come together, and to shine a bright spot in the uncertainty of the times. Hill says the players are extremely excited to get to use the new facility when they eventually get a chance to play.